Detention Visiting Hours

Please call the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office for Detention Visiting Hours. Click here for more information.

Attire for Visiting

Visitors shall be dressed appropriately when they visit. Attire which is similar in appearance to inmate attire or excessively revealing shall not be permitted. If there is a question on the appropriateness of clothing, the final determination shall be made by the Corrections Sergeant/OIC.

The following items are unacceptable for visiting:

  1. Tube tops, tank tops, sleeveless garments.
  2. Bike shorts (Spandex).
  3. Swim suits.
  4. Skimpy/short shorts and/or mini skirts.
  5. See through clothing that by the nature of the fabric is revealing beyond the point where a reasonable person may be offended.
  6. No hats, gloves, or scarves.
  7. No metal objects. You will be required to clear a metal detector. You will not be allowed to visit if you fail to clear the metal detector.
  8. Any clothing with obscene or offensive designs or writing shall not be allowed.

Shoes or sandals must be worn and must clear the metal detector.

Hospital Visits

If hospitalized, the inmate must obey the rules of the hospital and shall not receive visitors without the written approval of the Zapata County Sheriff’s Department.

Inmate Property Pick-up Procedures

Inmate property pick up is by pre-scheduled appointment only. You must be 18yrs or older and provide a valid driver’s license or identification card. To schedule an appointment to pick up inmate property, please call (956) 765-9961.

If you want to inquire about property that was taken as evidence or for safekeeping, please contact the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office.