On Sunday,      February 07, 2016, Deputies from The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office were stationary on Texas Hwy 16 monitoring traffic when they observed a black in color Chevrolet pickup traveling east bound on Texas Hwy 16 . As the deputies pursed the pickup truck it accelerated and turned into the JRJ oilfield yard and parked in between two semi-pickup trucks. Upon approaching the pick-up truck, the driver of the pickup truck had taken off on foot. The Deputies searched the surrounding area but no sign of the driver. The Deputies noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the black pick-up truck. Upon a more thorough search of the pick-up truck, The Zapata County Sheriff’s Deputies came across 25 black in colored bundles being concealed in the bed of the truck covered by a tunnel truck cover believed to be marijuana. One of the bundles was cut open with the knife to reveal the contents contained with-in. The contents appeared to be a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. The 25 bundles were seized, processed, and weighed by The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office and Investigators’ Unit. The total amount of weight for the 25 bundles was 576.2 pounds. No suspects were arrested. The Case is still under Investigation. If anyone has any information on this Crime, Please call The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office (956)765-9960 or The Zapata County Crime Stoppers at (956)765-Tips.

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